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Guest Selection FAQ

Are you booking any additional guests for the upcoming convention?If you want to be considered for a guest it is heavily suggested to contact us in the fall or winter when we're booking guests. Reaching out to us in the spring might be too late and reaching out to us in the summer is definitely going to be too late as we generally have all of our guests booked by that time.
How are guests selected?San Japan takes guest suggestions from the public on multiple San Japan social discussions. We also take a look what is currently popular in the fandoms that our convention tends to bring in. These suggestions (as well as suggestions from staff members) are reviewed by the people in charge. We whittle down the list and then when finalized we track down the potential guests on the list to offer invitations.

Soon after, if a guest accepts our offer, we'll announce then added to the Guests section of the website. Until a guest is announced San Japan can neither confirm nor deny if someone has been invited as a guest.
There is a guest who will be at another Texas convention/event who I really want to see but I'd like to them to be at San Japan. Would you consider them?A huge factor when considering our headliner guests is that we try to book unique guests who have not appeared at other Texas conventions. We do not force them to sign exclusivity clauses as they might consider or be booked at other Texas convention. However, it is a huge factor as we want to ensure that San Japan has a guest lineup that many will not see at other fan conventions in Texas or possibly in the entire USA.

If you really want to see a guest who has been announced elsewhere then we encourage that you take a road trip to that city to meet your favorite guest.
Can I be a guest?If you're someone who has done something of note in the anime, manga, video game industry, Japanese pop culture then drop us a line. We will do a bit of research to see if you would be a good fit.

We do receive a large plethora of inquiries asking to be guests. It is a lot more that we could possibly afford or manage to have at the convention. Please do not be offended if we turn you down or do not reply back even if you offer to attend for free. We hope you understand that our guest list has a limit. However, you are still welcome to attend the convention and can apply to host a panel if you wish.
I am a DJ who would like to perform at San Japan.We are switching over to INVITE ONLY on all DJ music acts as we will be approaching a lot more national and international acts to perform at San Japan. Regional DJs will be contacted if they offer an opening slot by our DJ department. We will no longer allow DJs to apply for future San Japan conventions. Applications to be a DJ at San Japan, even if they want to perform for free, will not be considered.
I represent a music act. What information do you request?You may drop us a line if you a music act that you feel would be a good fit to perform at a Japanese-focused fandom convention event. We have a heavy preference for Japanese music acts especially if the music has been heard in an anime series, a popular Japanese video game or has a large overseas following. We also consider Video Game Music acts and similar genre acts. We do research all music acts who reach out to us.
What about other types of agents?You can link us to your website with your client list. We will review it. We do prefer to work with agents who've booked clients at anime conventions. We prefer those with an understanding of the kind of negotiations which it entails since we do not charge for photo ops nor do we not offer a 'Guarantee'. A lot of agents we've spoken with do not seem to grasp this.

The reputation of an agent does have a big factor too. Anime convention organizers do talk to each other and share info.
Are you looking for any Artist guests? What is your criteria?
We try to pick 1 to 2 artist guests each year. We take a good look at their social presence along with being requested by our attendees who would be a good fit at an anime convention. If you are based out of Japan we will take an inquiry consideration for our 2018 convention.
I've inquired to be a guest but I haven't heard back or been invited. What's the deal?If you've sent in an inquiry through the forms then one of our staff members have read it as it is sent out to multiple people. We receive a large number of inquiries from people who'd like to be a guest at our convention every year. If you are selected then we'll use the information provided to inquire with you.

We highly recommend keeping inquiries to one submission per year. Multiple guest inquiries beyond once a 12 month period will push down any of potential consideration ever. Submitting your inquiry to multiple departments will have all future e-mails marked as spam. This can not be stressed due to guests who will tell their fan base to send us multiple inquiries.

Another tip: please do not shill yourself in our request threads or have your agent do it. It is really obvious to us and will push down future consideration. Also, do not put on a Twitter/Facebook/IG rally to get yourself booked. It doesn't work on us.

We also implore you to not track down San Japan staff personal social profiles to ask/pitch to be a guest. If do so you will never be considered, ever. Please respect our personal privacy as we ensure that you will be contacted by San Japan official channels if you're being offered a guest slot.

We do not send out rejection emails due to prior inquiries who will grief, spam, or go as far as stalking us for being turned down. Yes, it'd be nice to know if the answer is no but a quite few bad apples had to make it so that we can't let people know on our decisions.
I'd like to apply as a Cosplay Guest.Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest at San Japan. We are seeking Cosplay Guests as judges for the San Japan Cosplay Contest. As a heavily craftsmanship-focused contest, we are looking for portfolios that demonstrate skill in craftsmanship, experience in competition, and love of sharing the craft. Each judge will be given one-on-one time with every competitor, an opportunity to discuss construction methods and get a close-up look of each cosplay that will cross the main stage.

We welcome our guests to submit programming content such as teaching or demonstration panels, booths or tables, or fan meetups. Guests will be in touch with a member of cosplay staff to coordinate any programming they are interested in submitting.

Due to the volume of applications, San Japan Cosplay Staff will contact selected guests between 02/20/2019-03/31/2019. After this date, no further applications will be accepted for San Japan XII. Applications will open for San Japan XIII at a future date.
We are a group who can put on a certain service and here are our requirements.You may submit a proposal but it must stand out as something that we don't already offer that would still be a good fit at an anime/gaming convention that no one else offers in the southern region. US-Based groups who ask for monetary compensation to put on panel programming will not be considered. We will do our research on any group who contacts us.

You may submit your panels to San Japan but be sure to read our Panelist FAQ as you will see that we do not issue compensation beyond complimentary badges if they are approved for 2 or more hours of panels.
You have announced some guests. Is that all of them?We will be periodically announcing guests in batches or when they have been fully confirmed. It is a long process as some times we can not confirm a guest until up to a month before the convention based on scheduling and availability. We ask for your patience as we generally do not finalize our guest list until around 30 days before the convention.
I am a potential guest who is wondering if you have any last minute guest slots?We do not consider last-minute guests at our convention. If a guest slot needs to be filled by a cancellation we will inquire with the dozens of others who've inquired over the year. We completely finalize our guest list at 30 days out.
You brought out X Guest before to San Japan. Are they ever coming back?We try to put in a valiant effort to bring in a large variety of new guests every convention year. If a guest is announced in attending San Japan we highly recommend making a consorted effort to attend our convention to meet them. We can't make any guarantee that they'll be returning to San Japan after that particular convention year.

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