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San Japan 2018 Guidebook / Mobile App Is Now Available

Our Yearly Guidebook is now available.

Guidebook Mobile App
By popular demand, San Japan is bringing back the Guidebook mobile app. If you have a smartphone then you’ll want to get this mobile app. It will have everything that we can possibly fit from the program book and the website into one place. It will include a detailed schedule with the ability to create your own schedule with built-in reminders, all of the layouts so you can find panels, detailed information about the convention and even the ability to upload photos of the convention so others can see what you’re doing along with other features. It will even send you updates and changes of the convention.
The app is specifically meant for all iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android devices including tablets. Guidebook is also usable with Windows Phones and any other phone with an HTML Browswer. It does not require a data connection to work at the convention. All you need to do is download the app at You can view on your browser at then look for the San Japan Guidebook.
Have a Windows Phone, Blackberry or a web-enabled mobile device? Don’t worry, you can still access the same features through the mobile site at

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