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What is San Japan? Who are you? Why should I attend? What should I expect? The above video created by TWC News in 2015 does an excellent job to answer those burning questions. We couldn't even write out a better description. We had over 17,000 attendees for our 2017 convention.
When & Where is San Japan happening this year? Is San Japan ever moving to a different location? San Japan is happening on August 31st - September 2nd, 2018 in downtown San Antonio, Texas at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel and also the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel. We take place at the center of the famous River Walk. It is located right by the Rivercenter Mall.


900 E. Market St.
San Antonio, Texas 78205

This is our permanent convention location. We are not planning to move to a different venue within San Antonio.

If you are looking for the dates for the next San Japan we will always take place on Labor Day Weekend forever.

What time does things start at San Japan? The convention officially starts at 9 am on Friday, August 31st, 2018, Labor Day Weekend. For specific times, click here for the exact times for registration and Dealer room hours. We will be posting schedules on the San Japan website starting in mid-August on when panels & events would be happening.
Do I need to dress up in a costume in order to attend San Japan? It is not required at all. You will see a lot of people who will be dressed up but all we ask is to bring yourself and try to have fun at San Japan.
Is there a minimum age in order to attend San Japan? San Japan is an all-ages convention. However, if you are under the age of 13, you will need to have a parent or legal guardian who is 18 or above with you at all times.
Do I need to bring an ID? When is an ID required? What kind of ID will be acceptable?

Your ID is only necessary if you plan to pick up your pre-registration badge by showing your ID OR if you plan to attend any 18+ events. It must be a government-issued ID for all 18+ events. You do not have to show your ID in order to purchase a badge at the convention. The electronic dance is an all-ages event and does not require ID to enter. All events will require a convention badge which will be checked at all events.


We will only accept Government Issued ID with a picture ID such as a driver's license, Texas State ID or USA Issued Passport. We will not accept school IDs, birth certificates, or social security card. If you plan to attend any 18+ events, it is imperative that you have an ID. We will not make any exceptions if you do not have a government-issued picture ID and attempt to enter an 18+ as we check everyone's ID upon allowing entry. An expired ID is okay as long as the birth date and the photo is recent.

We will not allow an underage person, even with parent or guardian permission, into an 18+ panel. No government issued picture ID = No admission to an 18+ panel, even if you look 60.

If I buy a convention badge, does it cost extra to enter the Cosplay Show, go to a certain event or go to the concert? No, it does not. Your convention badge is your ticket. We will NOT be charging extra for you to see any of the music acts that we're bringing in or charge extra to watch the cosplay show. We do not charge extra to attend a panel.

  We want everyone to enjoy all the fun they can with just their badge. The only time a panel or event will cost extra will be if we absolutely need to charge extra. This applies to panels which include additional materials like workshops or the Maid Cafe. We will inform attendees about this ahead of time.
Which event will require a ticket beyond my convention badge? Only the Cosplay Show and the Formal Masquerade Dance will require a ticket in addition to your badge. We list on our Event Tickets page on how to acquire them. Music events designated in the Grand Hyatt do not require a separate ticket.

We will always list on the schedule if an event requires a separate ticket.
Can I bring my own food to San Japan? You are perfectly allowed to bring your own food to San Japan. You can store it in a bag or in your hotel. The only restriction is that you can't sell food on the convention floor in the hotel or convention center.
If I cosplay at San Japan, am I required to enter the Cosplay Show? No, we do not require cosplayers to enter the Cosplay Show or cosplay events. You may show up in a costume if you'd like and no further action is required besides having fun.
What is the San Japan room party policy?

It is the policy of San Japan that what goes on in the privacy of a hotel room is not of the convention's concern. However, we do ask that room parties be kept to a reasonable size (remember the fire marshal restrictions) and that the noise is kept at a reasonable volume. Hotel security will break up parties that receive complaints. However, if San Japan safety personnel have reason to believe that illegal activities or activities that could threaten the welfare of the convention are taking place at a room party, they have a duty and a responsibility to act to ensure the safety of all involved.

All patrons staying in the San Antonio Grand Hyatt will be required to wear a wristband in order to access their hotel room. Please put this into consideration. This policy will always be enacted for all years that San Japan uses them as their main host hotel.

Does San Japan require a bag check to attend? Is my backpack allowed? Do you offer lockers? San Japan does not perform bag check inside the convention center. All bags, including backpacks, are allowed at the convention. We do not have a clear bag policy at our venues, unlike the Alamodome or AT&T Center.

The only time bags are not allowed is after 11 PM in our Main Stage Ballroom on Friday and Saturday of the convention weekend. The Hyatt hotel will not bag check for free so be prepared for this. We do not offer lockers nor will we watch your bags.
What is the convention theme? The San Japan theme changes to year-to-year. The 2018 Theme is Magical Universe which is everything that involves magic. You are not required to adhere your cosplay to this theme.


Question Answer
I have an awesome idea for programming that I'd like to help with. Who can I talk to? We will be taking Event Submissions starting in late January 2018. We are now taking event/panel submissions which ends on June 5th, 2018.
What kind of programming will be available at San Japan? As an Anime convention, we will be bringing you multiple viewing rooms, gaming, interactive events, game shows, industry panels, guest panels, karaoke and more.
How can I be a panelist? How many hours do I have to do to receive a free badge?

We will be posting on our Panelist FAQ that answers these questions in detail along with many more.


To receive a free 3-day panelist badge, you must hold at least 2 hours of approved panels/events. If you have a companion(s) helping out, that companion must also be with you in your panels for all 2 hours of panels/events. We will give out discount codes for panelists with 1-1.5 hour in approved programming.

Can I use space in the convention area for a private function? Sorry, but liability prohibit us from offering this. We will have a form at a later time for Fandom Meetings.
Will there be a 'Dance' at San Japan?

We will have multiple 'dances' takes place within San Japan. On both Friday & Saturday night starting at around midnight will be a 'dance' with Electronic Dance Music and multiple DJs (we can't answer the question on what type of music that will be played there, that is up to the DJ). The EDM Dances are all-ages shows which take place in the Grand Hyatt.


On Friday evening will be the Formal Masquerade hosted by the San Japan Masquerade Event Staff. This will be a strict formal dress code which requires a mask. The rules for the formal dance are on the San Japan website.

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