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Autograph Policy

ALL Gold and Premiere Pass holders do not have front of the line access for autographs. Gold and Premiere Pass holders will need to wait in the same lines as general attendees for Friday/Saturday/Sunday general autograph sessions. A special VIP autograph session will be held on Sunday of the convention after the VIP Brunch for Gold Pass Holders Only.


Please read the updates below on 2018 changes made to our autograph policy. This includes the number allowed and potentially charged for autographs if you’re seeking more than one.

In an effort to predict wait times for autograph lines and to allow our attendees and guests to have as much fun as possible at San Japan, the following guidelines should be observed.

If these simple rules are followed, you can help as many of our friends enjoy San Japan as possible. The faster the line moves, the better chance the person behind you will get the opportunity to meet their favorite guests!
Credit: Anime Boston for original source.

A frequently asked question is wondering why guests only sign for 60 to 90 minutes per daily session instead of like multi-genre or comic conventions which the guest will be at a table to sign all day.
First off, unlike multi-genre or comic conventions we try to negotiate with all guests to make sure autograph and photo ops are mostly free. Comic Cons charge $20 to over a $150 each for a photo or an autograph. Guests may ask for a few concessions which we might allow but we try very hard to ensure that every attendee gets one chance to briefly meet their favorite guest and get their item signed.
The type of autograph sessions we have at San Japan are extremely common with how anime conventions around the USA handle their autograph sessions. Guests have a busy schedule during the event with multiple guest panels and talking to the press. Keeping it at 60 to 90 minutes an autograph session is usually how long a guest can handle signing and meeting attendees who’d like to meet them without feeling like their being overworked. The guests we’ve brought out generally prefer how it is handled at anime conventions. If they’re feeling generous they’ll sometimes extend the autograph session based on availability.
The autograph sessions which guests sit at a table all day are the types that you pay for an autograph along with paying for a photo. We want to avoid walking down that path as we feel a convention badge should be inclusive to include free guest autographs. Comic-Con autographs can get very expensive and drain your wallet in trying to obtain autographs. We know we deal with a younger crowd who do not have an as much disposable income to burn at a convention. Forcing attendee to shill for additional money to go toward autographs and photos means less money going toward vendors and artists.
San Japan attendees have been quite vocal in wanting guest autographs to be mostly free which we’ll adhere to whenever possible. If at any point we do concede to let a guest sell their autograph in order to book them then we’ll make announcements on the guest bio page and news announcements that they there will be an additional fee.
We can make changes to our autograph policies to be more in line with how comic cons handle autographs when the vocal majority tells us they’d prefer to pay to ensure an autograph instead of waiting in lines in hopes to try to obtain at least one free guest autograph which is how we’ve handled it for years.

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