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Artist Alley – Information

Hall 4A – Artist Alley and Tabletop

Artists are not required to be on-site on Thursday 8/31 for check-in. You may check-in on Friday 9/1.

Artist Table Requests and Additional Badge Requests have closed as of July 10th.

2017 Assigned Artist List
2018 Signup: february 28th, 2018 at 5:30PM CST. We will be switching to lottery signup.

Click here for the Artist Alley 2017 Information

San Japan Artist Alley 2017 Information

2017 Artist Table Rate: $155

  • Includes: (1) 6′ x 30″ Table in a 6′ x 3′ space + (1) 3-Day Artist Badge + 2 Chairs.
  • Additional Artist Badges: $50 (max 3 additional badges – must be purchased by July 10th 2017, At-Con Rate is $70).
  • There will be at least 3 feet behind the table.
  • Table/Badge are good for all 3 days of the convention.
  • An Artist Badge are valid for the entire convention just like a regular attendee badge.
  • 2017 Form Date: Sunday February 26th, 2017 @ 5:30PM CSTIn 2016 artists who did not sign up within the first three minutes did not make the cut.
  • The forms for requested table assignment requests will open April 16th, 2017. The ability to purchase additional artist alley badges will be up by April 16th, 2017. The links will be posted on this page.
  • Table requests do not guarantee a preferred placement. We will not guarantee placement for any reason whatsoever.
  • Requests for refunds must be in by July 10th, 2017. Starting in 2017 we will be only issuing 50% refunds past June 10th, 2017 to deter last minute drop outs. We will no longer allow table transfers. REFUNDS ONLY.
  • The approved list will be listed by April 16th, 2017. The assignment list will be going public by August 10th, 2017. Do not inquire on your location or layout before these dates.

First-Come/First-Serve Jury System

  • On February 26th 2017 @ 5:30PM CST (all slots filled in 4 minutes!), we will open the sign-up list with the link listed on this page. Once it is full then that will be it.
  • There is no waiting list at all after signup has closed. We will have more than enough entries to go through.
  • Artists will not be required to pay for their table on signup. If they are approved they will be sent an invoice.
  • Artists must submit a Gallery Link and VALID Texas Sales Tax ID Number.
  • We will no longer e-mail an artist if there are issues with a submission. This has taken up to two weeks in the past. An artist submission will have 48 hours to submit all corrections from the auto-response form. After that we will begin the jury process. Sending in corrections after the jury screening has begun on March 1st will not be considered valid and it will have an effect on the decision to be approved. It is the responsibility of the artist applicant to check the auto-response form for errors.
  • Strong Warning: Do NOT contact us after sign-up has closed on the status of your application. If you do inquire on the status of the application once the jury has begun and when we are invoicing artists then we will have your application removed. We need to spend a lot of time sorting through the hundreds of applications so we can not spend time answering status questions.
  • Artist placement on the jury list will be based on the timestamp from the server.
  • We will go through all entries then remove the following:
    • Invalid Sales Tax ID.
    • Inactive Sales Tax ID – It must be listed as ACTIVE on the Texas Comptroller Office website as of Feburary 25th, 2017. No exceptions.
    • Artists who try to sneak on the list multiple times.
    • Gallery links to Tumblr pages. Gallery links must be to Imgur, DeviantArt, or another photo format which allows us to see your art or products for sale. Etsy stores will be accepted. We will not accept photos of prior Artist Alley table setups as we need to see detail pics of products to be potentially for sale. We do not need to see all art or future artwork pieces, just a sizable sampling of what to anticipate at San Japan.
    • Artists who show heavy disregard to copyright logos, trademarks, infringing products, or disregard fandoms that have requested to not sell fan art in Artist Alley.
  • Please note: we are not enacting a full Jury system. We are evaluating an artist based on when they signed up, adhering to the rules on having an Sales Tax ID, adhering to the San Japan Artist Alley contract, and requested fan art rules. We are not evaluating artists based on the quality of the artwork or products for sale to be within Artist Alley then selecting them.
  • On Sales Tax ID: All we need is the number. We don’t require the actual document for the application. When you apply you will be issued a Tax ID which can be applied on the application. We will require the actual document (photocopy is acceptable) when you check-in to your table. A Texas Comptroller agent was on-site for our 2016 convention and we are expecting the agent to be on-site once again.

We will not be listing the approved list as we will be listing the final list of paid approved artists. We will be sending out invoices for approved artists starting on March 15th, 2017. All invoices will go out at once. Artists will have up to 15 days to pay when contacted. If they do not pay within that time period the artist applicant will be skipped and removed from the list.
We will not be answering any questions on why an artist table was not approved or removed. We listed above a majority of the reasons this may have happened but we will uphold all decision processes by San Japan staff.

Rules: For a list of the 2017 rules & regulation for our Artist Alley, click here.

Table assignment requests will close on July 10th, 2017. Artists who wish to purchase additional artist badges in advance must have it done by July 10th, 2017.

If you have questions about your Sales Tax ID beyond what is listed in this FAQ, you must contact the Texas Comptroller’s Office. We can not answer any further Sales Tax IDs questions since we are not the Comptroller’s Office.

Artist Alley 2017 FAQ

Question Answer
How much are Artist Alley Tables? How many are available? When are they available? What Do I get?

San Japan 2017 Artist Alley Tables Information:

  • Price: $155.
  • When can I sign-up: February 26th, 2017 @ 5:30PM CST, First-Come, First-Serve JURY. We anticipating that once again all table sign-up slots that will have any chance to being approved to be filled in under three minutes or less.
  • How many tables will be available for sale from the signup list? An upward of 155 tables.
  • What you'll receive at San Japan:
    • A pre-assigned 6' x 30" metal table with a minimum of 3 feet behind it. No tablecloth is provided.
    • 2 Chairs at your assigned table. Additional chairs will only be guaranteed if additional badges are purchased for the table.
    • One Artist Alley convention badge, good for access to all regular attendee access. Additional badges may be purchased for $50 (starting on April 16th if approved, up to July 10th, 2017 - $70 ON-SITE at check-in).
How large are the tables and where is my table located?

Tables will be a standard 6 feet by 30 inches. All Artist Alley tables will be located in HALL 4A of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Tables will be assigned like prior years. There will not be any space to place an additional table. The assignments will be posted several weeks before the convention. We will try to accommodate requests (all requests must be in by July 10th, 2017 through the table request form but they) but there is absolutely no guarantee on preferred placement even if you have a condition that you believe requires a certain placement within Artist Alley.

Will there be new restrictions starting in 2017? We are going to be implementing changes that Funimation has asked on Artist Alley to remove all series names from products sold in Artist Alley. We are putting in a strict enforcement on additional tables or grid outside of the 6' x 3' artist space which will be one strike only permanent ban. This even include if you're on an endcap row. We heavily suggest to read it to ensure your table/group will be under compliance. We are also barring all backdrops to go beyond their allocated 6'. Backdrops which are behind two tables will be asked to be taken down or risk expulsion.
Will there be a signup or lottery for Artist Alley? We will be offering our tables by signup on a first come, first-serve basis then we will be screening them through a jury. Once the list has filled up then that's it. We will not be keeping a waiting list for open tables in Artist Alley. We will not be selling any additional tables at any point. Your best chance to get a table will be through our Art Contest as we will be offering artist tables to winners and at a major discount to up to 15 finalists. We are not a full jury system in place which we select artists to be in Artist Alley nor do we plan in the foreseeable future.
What time does artist alley open and close? When do I check in for my Artist Table? Artist Alley Check-In Times:
  • Check-In Times: 5:30pm - 11:00pm - Thursday August 31st, 2017 - Location Hall 4B West Registration
  • Check-In Times: 8:00am - 5:30pm - Friday - Sunday. - Location West Registration

Artist Alley Hours
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am - Open to artists - Hall 4A.
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am - Open to public - Hall 4A.
  • Closing Times Friday 9:00PM, Saturday 8:30PM, Sunday: 5:30PM
  • Teardown: 5:30pm - 9:00pm - September 3rd, 2017

Artists are barred from using the Loading Dock on the I37 access road for loading and unloading. Loading docks are reserved for San Japan Staff and Dealer Room Vendors ONLY. All artists will be required to use the Hall 4A/B doors.
Will artists be allowed to have a bag or luggage in the Alley? Artists will be permitted to have one bag or other small luggage item in the alley provided that it does not obstruct walkways (both in front of and behind the tables) or emergency exits. Artists will be solely responsible for your own property. There will be at least 3 feet behind them.
I want to share my table with someone. Is that okay? How many people can share a table? Once you purchase a table you may subdivide it for one other artist group. Even when divided we will only provide 2 chairs. We will only link to one website per table from the Artist Alley page. The maximum number of people that can be behind any single table at one time is four (4).
Can I sit next to [Artist Name]? We will try to accommodate when requested but there is no guarantee you will be assigned to sit next to a requested person. We will be posting a form after April 15th to streamline requests so artists do not have to e-mail us there sitting requests. Requests will be up until July 10th, 2017. We will not accept any more requests after July 10th, 2017.
How do I check-in my table? Who do I ask for? The check-in station for Artist Alley will be shifted in 2017 to a new location which has been TBD (PENDING DECISION: West Registration, Hall 4B entrance). There will be a large banner noting its location. Jackie N. will be heading the artist alley section this year. You must have your Texas Sales Tax ID to show proof that you are authorized to sell at your table.
When will I receive my badge? Badges will be distributed when you check-in at your table. Earliest check-in time is Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 5:30PM. All artists must bring their stuff through the front door entrance of Exhibit Hall 4A. Do not use the loading dock on I37 for loading and unloading
Do I need to take my stuff when I shut down for the day? San Japan will not be providing security of personal items left at tables. It is recommended you take any items of value from your table when you shut down for the day. It is on the artist to make preparations before the convention to store your supplies each night. Artist Alley will be shutdown at around 9:00-9:30pm on Friday & Saturday of the convention which will be a secured area. We are required to be completely out of the Convention Center before midnight. We will be open again at 8am for Artists and 9:30AM for the general public.
What about electricity? Is Wi-Fi available?

At this moment, electricity will not be offered inside the Exhibit Hall due to the exorbitant cost that the convention center charges us ($110-$195 per outlet) which is well beyond what artists are willing to pay. SmartCity, the only Authorized internet provider at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center charges an upwards of $80 PER DAY to use Wi-Fi inside the Exhibit Hall.

We heavily recommend to make prior arrangements with your cell phone service before arriving San Japan if data is required. We have learned over that those who have Verizon LTE and AT&T LTE have the best reception inside the HBG Convention Center. Prepaid hotspots generally go for around $50 for an LTE hotspot and $20-$50 for data plans that will accommodate credit card purchases.

Will chairs be provided with my artist table? 2 Chairs will be placed at each table. If you need additional chairs, you can ask for them when you've checked in at the convention or ask the HBG Convention Center Staff as they will be wearing identifying shirts. Only two chairs will be guaranteed per table. If you purchase additional badges then you may request an additional chair per extra badge.
When will be the earliest we can start selling at the convention? You may begin selling on Friday morning, September 1st, 2017, at 8am of the convention. The Exhibit Hall where Artist Alley will be located will be open to the public starting at 9:30am. You will only be allowed to setup your table on Thursday of the convention.
What are we allowed to sell at the convention?

Artists will only be allowed to sell fan-created and original artwork, handmade crafts and items created at the table. We will not allow non-arts or non-crafts 'services' to be sold at San Japan. We will be stricter on modified crafts as they can no longer be from licensed items that would normally be found in the dealer room. We will be taking a heavy look at this when being considered through our Jury system.

Retail items nor food will not be allowed for sale at Artist tables and will be strictly enforced. We will not allow you to sell items that have blatant copyright or trademarked logos even if engraved or printed on items. A written warning will be issued if such items are made available for sale and if multiple warnings are issued then the artist will be asked to leave San Japan then barred from returning. We will also be enforcing Funimation rules that show titles can not be listed with products for sale. For a link on their stance on Artist Alley, here is their announcement on Anime News Network.

Will San Japan be providing any storage area? San Japan will not be providing a storage area for artists. Artists will need to arrange an area to safely store their items when they shut down their table for the night (ie Hotel Room, Vehicle).
Will San Japan be providing any dollies or carts? San Japan will not be providing any dollies or carts to carry items to the artist's table. Dollies & Hand Carts can be purchased from Wal-Mart or Office Depot for around $40-$70 (Gardening section) or at Sam's Club/Costco for around $40-$100. Our recommendation is the 3-Way Cosco Hand Truck sold only at Costco for $110+tax for its durability.
What if I can't make it to San Japan after purchasing a table? You may request a full refund up to July 10th, 2017. No refund will be given after July 10th. We will no longer allow table transfer since we're moving to FCFS Jury which we must approve all artists who have gone through our screening process. You need to forward your confirmation e-mail that you received after made payment along with your request for an AA refund to info(at) Starting in 2017, if your refund is after June 10th you will only be given a 50% refund. This is to deter artists who wait until the last minute to ask for a refund as this has become problematic.
What if an artist doesn't make it to San Japan, can I purchase a table at the convention? If an artist is a no-show after Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 at 10AM and tables are available then you may purchase a table at the convention for $85 at the artist alley check-in table. An Artist Alley badge is not included with the purchase and a badge is required to sell at your table.
May I play music at my table? You may play music at a moderate reasonable level but only for the intention to not be bored and not to attract customers to the table. If we receive a complaint that the music was too loud San Japan reserves the right to turn it off and it will be permanent for the rest of the convention. A second time to the table due to a music complaint will be when we ask the artist to leave the convention without a refund.
Am I required to have an Artist Alley badge in order to sell at my table? Can my friend who doesn't have an Artist Alley badge sell at my table?

The person behind the table must have purchased a badge from the convention. You are not required to have an Artist Alley badge in order to sell at your table. It can be a pre-registration badge, 3-day or even a 1-day badge. The only main requirement is that the table is purchased from the convention.

If we catch someone 'stealing' a table, if they do not immediately reimburse the convention, then they will be badge-pulled with no refund and kicked out of the convention. If we spot someone selling items outside of the Artist Alley area that is not authorized to sell stuff then they will asked to shut down or risk expulsion from the convention.

Am I required to get a sales/business tax license permit? If so, why?

Yes, you are required to have an ACTIVE Texas sales tax ID permit upon purchasing your table. This is a requirement by the state of Texas as you are a business selling items even if you are just an individual. This must show to be active online as of February 25th, 2017. We also want to ensure we are fully compliant as San Japan can get in major trouble if the Comptroller's Office decides to stop by which has happened to other conventions in the state. (FYI: A Comptroller representative was at San Japan at our 2016 convention). No ACTIVE Texas Sales Tax License = No table. Period. If you are unable to show proof that you have a Texas sales tax license permit at the convention, you will not be able to setup at the convention.

You can acquire one from the state of Texas which is completely free but you will still have to pay taxes back to the state of Texas based on your total sales. We are not trying to be harsh as this is the law when selling to people as you are a business in the eyes of the law. You can apply for one on the Texas Comptroller's Website.

We are not trying to be the bad guys on this rule as we're just enforcing a rule that's always been in every one of our Artist Alley contracts. You must have your paperwork already sorted already with the Comptroller Office prior to signup as we will not accept any applications who do not have their TX Sales Tax ID. All prior Texas Sales Tax IDs must be active as of Feb. 25th, 2017. If you ask for an exception prior to the release of the tables, the answer will be no. All INACTIVE Sales Tax IDs will be skipped. We will not inform you if you Sales Tax ID was inactive.

There will be a section on the form to enter your Sales Tax ID. We must see the actual certificate in person in order to setup as we will no longer accept a filed return through Webfile. We will no longer e-mail artists if their sales tax ID is invalid or inactive. ALL invalid or inactive Sales Tax ID will have their entry form skipped.

I'm applying for Texas Sales Tax ID and when I try to put in San Japan's date, it says you can't apply for more than 90 days ahead. What do I do? The best advisement we can give is to set it for 90 days ahead of when you apply. When you file your quarterly report through Webfile, just mark it as 0 in sales prior to San Japan.
I already purchased a table, how do I acquire more Artist Alley badges after purchasing the table? How much will they be? How long are they available? We will be posting a link to the sale of additional Artist Tables Badges after April 15th, 2017 to allow artists to purchase additional badges. They will be $50 for an additional badge with a maximum of 3 additional badges. They will be available up until July 10th. After July 10th they will not be available on-line. You may purchase them at the convention upon check-in, including on Thursday check-in, but they will be $70 per badge.
If tables are already sold out then how do I acquire an artist table?

Once the table signup list has filled up on February 26th, 2017 and do not wish to participate in trying for one in our Art Contest then that's it. We will not be releasing tables that are refunded back up for sale. The sign-up dates for tables in 2018 will be February 25th, 2018 at 6:00PM CST. We will not be using First-Come/First-Serve after the 2017 convention.

We also have an art contest where we're giving away FOUR (4) free Artist Booths (10 x 12') and a chance for up to 15 artists to purchase a table a a reduced rate if selected as a finalist.

Links will be provided on the San Japan Artist Alley page at the time of sign-up. Please follow us on Facebook or on Twitter for updates. We do not maintain an e-mail list for Artist Alley updates. We anticipate that slots for the tables to will fill up within minutes which has been the case the past four years.

When I sign-up for a table, must I pay immediately or can I send in a check? Payment invoices will be sent out if you're approved and make the list. Payment will be expected via Paypal. Credit Cards will be accepted. We no longer accept checks. Artists will have FIFTEEN (15) days to pay the invoice. There will no exceptions or extensions. If not payment is not received in FIFTEEN days then the artist will lose their table and removed from the list.
The room where Artist Alley is located is HUGE. Why doesn't San Japan just fill the Exhibit Hall with artist tables so everyone who wants to buy one can have one? Artist Alley is a service to the anime community but we also want to ensure that artists who have a table at San Japan walk away with making a reasonable profit. We have a lot of artists who come out from different states and even outside of the US for our convention. The more tables located in Artist Alley means the less money that'll go around. We put a limit so that there is a reasonable ratio of artists to the number of anticipated attendees.
What is the policy on using tape for signs and signage? On tape & sign usage, you may not tape up any signs on any pillars. You must bring a stand or an easel to display your sign. We will be forced to have you take the sign down if you violate this policy. You may use tape on your table to display your sign.
Where do we load-in and unload? Can we use the loading dock on I37?

We will not allow artists to use the loading docks on I37 access road. The loading docks are reserved for San Japan staff, decorators and dealer vendors ONLY. There are not enough space or loading docks for the dozens of people who are trying to get into the Convention Center as we will have a very limited time to get in and out of our contracted space.

Artists must park and bring all of their stuff through the entrance located at Hall 4A/B entrance. Any artists who attempt to use I37 entrance will be turned away by the San Japan staff. Asking for an exception of any type will not be given.

I've been told it can get pretty cold in the Exhibit Hall. Is this true? Any other tips you'd like to share?

Artists have told us in the years that have been in Exhibit Halls that it gets pretty cold. While it might seem odd to pack a coat or blanket for a convention in the summer, we recommend it or some kind of layered clothing. If you are assigned to a table which has cold air blowing on your table then let us know as we can ask them to turn them off.

We recommend bringing snacks or sandwiches if you plan to sell all day and night. There will be a food stand set up inside the Exhibit Hall but the food will have a high markup. There is a coffee stand located by the Exhibit Hall. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and filling up at the water fountains located around the convention prior to when the doors open to the public. A San Japan staffer will try to stop by at times to see how you're doing.

With an Artist Alley badge, can I see the rest of the convention or am I restricted to the Exhibit Hall where Artist Alley is located? An Artist Alley badge is like any other attendee badge. You will be able to attend all panels, events, and the dealer's room as long as the room/area hasn't hit max capacity.
If we want to transfer our table to another person/group then what should we do? It will be refunded only up until July 10th, 2017. Refund requests after June 10th will only have 50% refunded. We no longer allow table transfers.
I am not happy with my table assignment. Can I get reassigned?

All Artist Alley table assignments are final once they have been posted online. If you wish to move to another table you may track down a particular artist and request for a table swap. We can not give you an artist's contact information. Please remember that your table assignment will be posted in all materials.

When are the setup hours on all days of the convention?

Thursday 08/31/17 - 5:30PM - 11:00PM

Friday 09/01/17 - 8:00AM - 9:30AM

Saturday 09/02/17 - 8:00AM - 9:30AM

Sunday 09/03/17 - 8:00AM - 9:30AM

We open the Exhibit Hall to the public at 9:30AM each day.
How will the First-Come/First-Serve Jury proccess be handled by San Japan?

First-Come/First-Serve Jury (FCFS Jury) will be a new process that we're trying this year. At our current convention size, we have come to realize that FCFS sales of all tables no longer works. We realize we need to do a thorough job in screening our artists who abide by our rules, try not to push the limits, and submit the correct information.

The form will be the same as past but we will be adding one link which is a Gallery / Store Link. Gallery links must be to a DeviantArt gallery, Imgur gallery, Etsy or any other photo link which we will see your art or products for review. We will not accept photos of artist tables at other shows as we need to see a large sampling of products to be sold at San Japan. If we are not sent a Gallery link in the submission form or an invalid link then it will be skipped. WARNING: Do NOT link us to a Tumblr page for your gallery link. Your entry will just be skipped.

What will invalidate my entry form?

Here is a list of items that will invalidate your Artist Alley entry:

  • Invalid or Inactive Sales Tax ID.
  • No Gallery Link that directly links the artwork/products for review (Tumblr Links are not allowed).
  • Artists who try to sneak onto the list multiple times.
  • Artwork or crafts inventory having infringing logos or copyrighted series.
  • Products for sale shows a heavy disregard for US copyright or from companies/fandoms who've posted requests to not sell fan art.
  • Artists who have caused conflict at San Japan by pushing the limits at our past shows or we've been contacted by other shows of being problematic.
  • Contacting us on the application status or if you made it on the approved list. We will try to have everything reviewed and invoices sent out within one month or less.

We will try to have a balance of artists within San Japan. Artists who are at the bottom of the list might not be able to make it in even if they meet the criteria.

Can I contact San Japan on the status of my application? NO. If you contact asking on status we will just go ahead in not approving your application. We can not spend weeks answering inquiries on the status of their application. You will be contacted if you are approved. We will not be listing which artists have been approved. We will be listing who has paid their invoices.
How will approved artists be invoiced? We are still deciding if we will send out a link to a private cart or just do a direct invoice. Invoices will begin going out MARCH 15th, 2017. Artists will have up to 15 days to pay once they've been notified of being approved and allowed to purchase a table. Artists who do not pay in time will be dropped from the list. They will not be readded.
Will tables be put up for sale from those who got a refund? No, we will not be putting up refunded tables for sale.
It is past the deadline for a refund. What should I do? You may contact us so that we decide if a partial refund will be given. We will not transfer the table to next year.
How big is San Japan? Will I make any money at the convention? San Japan in 2016 was 16,342 overall attendees. This attendance count was from 'warm bodies', not from turnstile. Our turnstile count for the 3-day convention was over 38,000. We try to limit our Artist Alley section to have around 1 table per 100 attendees in expected overall attendance. We can not guarantee that your artist table will be profitable but if you follow basic guides on how to sell your art you will have a better chance to make a profit.
Will I be forced to pay for my table during sign-up? No. To ensure that we do not oversell we have moved over to FCFS Jury so that we can vet/screen all artists. The form will just be a signup list. It will be timestamp by when the server receives the form which is how we will screen entries.
I just signed up and noticed that information was incorrect. What should I do? It will be very important that artists review their submission entry which will be AUTOMATICALLY e-mailed upon completion. Artists must make sure their Tax ID is valid and the gallery link is correct. Artists will have up to 48 HOURS to send us corrections. After that, we will begin the process of validating all Sales Tax IDs and then review Gallery Links. We will no longer e-mail artists on incorrect information that we have received in the form. Since we will have hundreds of applications to review will just skip by applications who did not send us the correct valid information. We do not enforce if an address or DBA matches a Sales Tax ID but it will be flagged if there are a major discrepancy.
Does everything have to be on the table? Can I place anything in front or next to my table? What if the table next to me is empty?

Artists must keep all items for sale within their 6' table space. We will allow backdrops behind the table but they may not use neighbor tables or empty tables to extend their booth. We will consider backdrops who go to a 2nd table to be a double table setup and will be forced to be taken down starting in 2017 or risk be booted. Placing items in front are not allowed. In the past we have been a bit lax but we will not be issuing warning and bans due to artists who have been pushing the limits on this.

You must keep your setup to within your 6' assigned space. All tables will be next to each other as we are moving to a row style of tables instead of island style and plan to keep this style for many subsequent years.

Does San Japan provide any services for Artists who need a break?

San Japan Artist Alley staff will provide a short break of a MAX 10 minutes if staffing is available and you do not have any helpers. This is strictly for the restroom, snack or water breaks only. San Japan staff will not watch past that amount of time nor take any sales. After 10 minutes staff will leave your table. Artists in the past have tried to have staff watch their table for an hour or more which is now prohibited by contract.

I am planning to have a person / group share my table. What should I know about this?

To answer a litany of questions about this here is a list on this.

APPLICATION SIGNUP: You do not have to list the group or person that you're planning to share a table with in the application process. The person who is signing up for the table is only they have to list.

CONTACT AND LISTING: You will need to send us an e-mail prior to the convention if you plan to split your table. We will only list the primary person/group who sign up for the table on our publications. We will not list split groups. SALES TAX ID: Every individual artist if the gross sales are independent of each other that is sharing a table must have a Sales Tax ID. If you are selling under one Studio or Group then each person does not need a Tax ID but all sales made by the table must be reported as one group.

We will be holding our yearly Art Contest starting in January. This will be the only way artists who want to get an artist table who were unable to signup. In 2017 we will be selecting 4 winners and 15 finalists. Starting in 2017 Art Contest winners will win a 12′ x 10′ booth within Artist Alley plus 4 Artist Badges, a $450 value. The double table arrangment will not be for sale to the general public.


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The San Japan website should be mostly fully updated for the 2018 convention by 10/30/17 AT 11:30PM CST. This includes registration information. Hotel reservation links will be posted when they're ready (To Be Determined).