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Artist Alley 2017 Assignments

Hall 4A – Artist Alley and Tabletop

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Booth Assignment Artist / Group Name Website Take Onsite Commisions
AA101 A-Kon
AA102 A-Kon
AA103 Hub City Comic Con
AA104 Nerds For A Cause / Monstercon
AA105 Ushicon
AA106 Tetra Events
AA107 Realms Con
AA108 Ikkicon
AA110 Delta H Con
AA111 Alamo City Fur Invasion
AA112 Otaku Fellowship Society (OtakuFair)
AA113 Anime At The Alamo
AA114 Austin Convention for Entertainers
AA115 Zombie Certified
AA116 San Antonio Zombie Walk
AA117 The Lone Star Brotherhood
AA120 Texas D20 Girls
AA121 Ghostbusters SATX
AA122 Doctor Who Fans Unite
AABooth1 John Yume Yes
AABooth2 onemegawatt No
AABooth3 skim & jinzilla Yes
AABooth4 Triangle Art Yes
B101 RGV Pokefest
B102 Sherwood Forest Faire
B103 Croc Shop Yes
B104 radtastical No
B105 Allison Stanley No
B106 Crystalline Creations No
B201 Threads and Yarn Yes
B202 GizmoForge No
B203 halfgallon Yes
B204 Yotty Yes
B205 digitalduckie Yes
B206 P-Curly Yes
B207 Precious Bbyz No
B208 Ugly Plants No
B209 iwantyoursoda No
B210 Kiriska Yes
B211 Tiffany Crosby No
B212 Nevula Illustrations Yes
B213 CHIOU! No
B214 Yummy Suika Yes
C101 KentaroPJJ Yes
C102 Minjelato Yes
C103 alternate universe No
C104 Tokidoki Dokidoki Yes
C105 Wave No
C106 Zea Webb Yes
C201 Cypri Art No
C202 Geek Fire Labs No
C203 Jennifer Fu Yes
C204 Katherine Kuehne No
C205 Xipel Yes
C206 channelSQUARE! Yes
C207 rtil No
C208 Sage of Winds No
C209 kokotensho Yes
C210 Lanthanoid Yes
C211 Lunchtime Friends Yes
C212 Nymbus Studios Yes
C213 Chow's Art No
C214 Zeiva No
D101 ohmonah No
D102 tasobi Yes
D103 amarok No
D104 fi No
D105 Myken No
D106 Cryptovolans Yes
D201 dariendoodles Yes
D202 unco No
D203 Tachiik Muffincow Yes
D204 Ryuuseikuma Yes
D205 sugarmints No
D206 ejwp Artisan Designs Yes
D207 kaze Yes
D208 Cambrasine No
D209 VBN Yes
D210 Leslys Plushes No
D211 Lycorine Art Yes
D212 Zephra Yes
E101 Angela No
E102 Aphelionix Yes
E103 Art of Lor Yes
E106 Atlas Nir Yes
E201 Dead Bomb Art Yes
E202 Frostyshark Yes
E203 jojostory Yes
E204 k009 Yes
E205 mallius Yes
E206 Electra Stanley Yes
E207 Tee(heart)Tee No
E208 Octo Star Creations Yes
E209 WhiteOblivion Yes
E210 Vintage Loser Yes
E211 Magister Yes
E212 Con Artist and Legend Tarot Yes
F102 The Smallest Giraffe No
F103 Alex Van Zandt Yes
F104 Owlapin Yes
F105 Oyakoro Yes
F106 Remix Comix No
F201 Sean Donnan Art Yes
F202 Paprika Carnival No
F203 Peachimi & Friends Yes
F204 Blue No
F205 feesh Yes
F206 Robyn Haley Yes
F207 SicklyBoring Yes
F208 Astrollation Yes
F209 Kim No
F210 zzyzzyy Yes
F211 Stove and Yoshi Productions Yes
F212 Ryu-Gemini Yes
F213 ofskysociety Yes
G101 The Happy Cat No
G102 Oxygen Impulse No
G103 Deerlette Yes
G104 OTTER Yes
G105 Reid Fagerquist Yes
G106 rexevabonita No
G201 Shattered-Earth No
G202 scribblescrab Yes
G203 ZombiesGoRawr Yes
G204 Lapine Vi No
G205 Inu Creations Yes
G206 plushi Yes
G207 SoChg No
G208 Pandan Pandan Yes
G209 quinhi No
G210 Rockin Robin Yes
G211 the money Yes
G212 Shiny Dragon Jewlery Yes
G213 Radius Zero No
H101 Brown Rabbits Yes
H102 Cannibal Queen Yes
H103 Kamaniki No
H104 Pokey No
H105 Centi No
H106 Denielle Nicole Yes
H201 gyoGUTS No
H202 Jade Tang Yes
H203 Jamie Kinosian's Art Yes
H204 Mochiron Store Yes
H205 To The Sunnyside Yes
H206 idrawrainbows No
H207 R-Trigger Yes
H208 KiVi Yes
H209 Dark grey clouds No
H210 Mizzy Pena No
H211 Moriam Art Yes
H212 Belli-buttons Yes
I101 Cheshire Cat Art Yes
I102 Dream Cosplays No
I103 Mango Cat Yes
I104 Gyffindor Yes
I105 Ink Bees Yes
I106 Jenni Bean Plush Yes
I201 Kawaii-eek No
I202 Lined Up Yes
I203 mousu Yes
I204 Enchanted Enigma Gifts No
I205 Loveydoveydollies Yes
I206 Chunxue Wang No
I207 Audientis | Rigged Ink Yes
I208 Beatzwear Yes
I209 Fruit Salad Artist Group Yes
I210 Zyeph Art No
I211 Cute Creations No
I212 Foolish Mortal Yes
J101 Xerona Art No
J102 MED Yes
J103 Wands, Rings, and Wizarding Things No
J104 Glasses Brigade Yes
J105 dragonsroar Yes
J106 A Sunny Disposish Yes
J201 High Wire Cats No
J202 JA Fantsy Art No
J203 YoSoyJaponesa Yes
J204 Nobledemons Yes
J205 Trauma Tize Yes
J206 MildKat Yes
J207 YOSB Yes
J208 swtgreentea No
J209 Tangled Beasties Yes
J210 Black No
J211 Naive Sprites Yes
J212 Nat Rodgers No
K101 Deverish Workshop No
K102 Chim Arts Yes
K103 kinosthetic Yes
K104 Greggo Game Shows
K105 MissShadowLovely
K106 MissShadowLovely
KCR201 The Destination K-9 Foundation
KCR202 Coder Dojo Collaborative
KCR203 The East Asia Institute, UTSA
KCR210 Kieran Strange
KCR211 Mr. Creepypasta
KCR212 Mr. Creepypasta

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