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Fandom Meeting – Info and Submission Form


The final times and day will be listed in the final schedule. They will not be listed in the beta schedule. See the schedule page for the days when the schedule will be available. Submissions will be open until late night of July 21st, 2018. All fan meetings are allocated between 60-90 minutes based on schedule popularity of the group. All submissions are approved but is based on schedule availability.

Fandom Meetings

This form is to allow fandoms or groups from a particular series to get together for an allocated time to meet up to socialize and discuss their favorite series. There will be a limited number of chairs, tables, and a small stage. San Japan does not supply any A/V in the fan meeting room. This means there aren’t microphones, speakers, projectors or screens. We will not be providing dedicated special photography lighting, backdrop or have a dedicated photographer. This takes place in San Japan designated spaces. We do not designate or appoint anyone as a leader of a meeting. The person who submits the meeting is not required to run it.
Anime groups/series meetups will take the highest precedence and be given the most popular times. Fan Meeting submissions do not count toward a discount badge/pass. The fan meetings are listed in the printed official schedule taking place in an official San Japan panel room, unlike Unofficial Photoshoots which are not listed in the printed official schedule and are not authorized to be in a panel room. Unofficial Photoshoots are handled by San Japan attendees only, not by San Japan Staff.
We are only holding fan meetings based on submissions that we receive from attendees. If your fandom is not listed or in the schedule then it is due to not receiving a fan meeting submission. We encourage attendees to fill out this form if they’d like their fandom to meet up at San Japan

We will be posting an FAQ to answer a lot of the common questions about Fan Meetings in Late January 2018


Submissions for San Japan XI Fan Meetings will open by March 3rd, 2018 and close on July 21st, 2018. Approved meetings will be listed in the final schedule to be released by August 15th, 2018.