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Strangestar Idol – Rules & Info

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What is Strangestar Idol?

Strangestar Idol is a new breed of karaoke contest, which finds its annual home in gorgeous San Antonio, TX! This convention-based singing competition allows fans of Anime, Manga, videogames, J-rock/pop, nerd culture, and other media covered by San Japan to perform songs from their favourite fandoms in front of a live audience and professional judging panel!

As a community, we aim to:

a) promote a safe, supportive environment free from judgement or harsh critique (unless requested);

b) give convention attendees a place where they can come and taste the limelight in front of an enthusiastic crowd;

and c) foster talent within the nerd community and help them grow as musicians and performers via coaching opportunities (if desired) and knowledge.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

For San Japan Strangestar Idol 2018 Pre-Registration Sigunup please go to



Contest Rules

1) In order to compete in Strangestar Idol, you must hold a valid badge in YOUR name for San Japan 2018, and be a registered attendee at the convention. The badge must be valid for any day(s) the event is being attended by the entrant.

2) There is no extra fee to compete Strangestar Idol; anyone with a valid convention San Japan 2018 badge in their name may enter for free providing they audition.

3) Entrants must be at least 10 years of age to enter the competition. Proof of age may be requested and must be presented at the discretion of the San Japan and Strangestar Idol staff. Entrants between the ages of 10 and 12 must have a parent, sibling, or guardian
present for all stages of the competition.

4) Songs performed must be referenced in some form of media/fandom that San Japan celebrates. Acceptable sources would be Vocaloid tracks, anime theme or ending songs, television or movie themes, nerd- or fandom-themed funny parody versions of songs, and video game songs. This year, we are NOT allowing other genres of music (such as Top 40) that are not parodies with themes that suit the convention, but are restricting the entries to forms of media covered by the convention . Please have a backup song ready if you are not certain your first choice will be allowed. Songs may be performed in any language in this competition, however we put a lot of emphasis on performing a Japanese or English song.

5) Backing tracks are the responsibility of the entrant — not the hosts, and we will not have any way to get your music for you ! Backing tracks must have no vocals or backing vocals on them whatsoever, and consist solely of musical instrumentation. Try searching YouTube if you are having trouble finding an instrumental backing track. If contestants wish to sing a capella (without music) or use a guitar/ukulele, they may do so — however, please be advised that we may have to manually/physically mic’ up your instrument on-stage in the event that we do not have outputs or jacks for electric-acoustic instruments.

6) Cosplay is allowed and encouraged at this event! Make sure you look your best for the judges — they will be taking the effort you put into your appearance into account!

7) As this is an amateur competition, no professional vocalists, performers or voice actors may compete in Strangestar Idol. A “professional performer” is one who receives monetary income for his or her vocal or performing talents. If you enter the competition and are found to be a professional performer, any titles/places awarded will be stripped and you will be disqualified from the contest. We always welcome applications for judges though, hit us up!

8) Backing tracks MUST be presented to Strangestar Idol staff on the day of the event on a USB stick or flash drive with your STAGE NAME written on it . We ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT accept music on any other medium (CDs, iPods, etc). Also, so you don’t end up frozen on stage while we search for the song, please try to make sure it’s the ONLY file on the USB stick so we can find it easily, or make sure it’s the only file in a folder named STRANGESTAR IDOL. I cannot stress this enough: PLEASE ensure you have your music on a USB stick or flash drive with your stage name written clearly on it, or you will be unable to perform in the contest.

9) You may perform as a solo act or a group. The maximum people allowed in a group is THREE due to the amount of microphones available. Please note that ALL members of the group must be available for all rounds of the contest, or the group will be disqualified. The
same goes for solo performers — if you cannot make the Audition Round or send in an Audition tape, we cannot allow you to proceed to the Final Round.

10) In a change from our usual pace, this year at Strangestar Idol we WILL BE turning over judging sheets to the contestants at the end of the competition! As performers often take notes from these sheets to improve upon their skills for their next contest, we want to offer
our judges the opportunity to give indirect feedback via these sheets. Please be advised that if this turns into a negative experience and our judges are made to feel uncomfortable, we will not do this again next year.

Audition Round

This year, the Audition Round will be a little different to previous years. The biggest difference will be that we are allowing AUDITION TAPES to be sent to us via e-mail so that you don’t have to come out to the scheduled physical Audition Round if you don’t want to! We are hoping to speed up the auditions this way, as well as make sure you can enjoy as much of the convention as possible rather than being stuck in auditions for two hours.

Those who are proceeding to the Final Round will be e-mailed between 6 PM Friday and 2 AM Saturday of the convention. Please ensure the e-mail you sign up with is checked during this time.


Sending in an Audition Tape is the kindest thing you can do for your Strangestar Idol staff and the least stressful thing you can do for yourself! If you are able to, we strongly recommend sending in an Audition Tape instead of attending the actual Audition Round.


If you aren’t comfortable sending in an Audition Tape, or you just enjoy the atmosphere of the Audition Round, you can show up for actual auditions at the convention.

Final Round

This is it – so bring your Final Form! This is where we open the doors to the convention and allow them to see the incredible vocal and performance talent that San Japan has to offer!

Judging & Prizing

The Judges will be scoring each of the entrants out of ten on four different categories:

Winners will be selected based on scores out of forty for the following placings:

Trophies will be given out at the finale of the Strangestar Idol Final Round event, so make sure you stick around to the very end of the performances!


1) During the contest, entrants must remain ON THE STAGE at all times. Although we encourage you to use the space provided and move around, due to technical issues with feedbacking and sound difficulties, we do not allow any entrants to leave the stage during their performance. (Fun Fact: Leaving the stage to walk the room during a performance without first checking
with the sound crew is a massive faux pas in the professional industry!)

2) Please keep the songs family-friendly. Any swearing or overly lewd/sexual behaviour on-stage will result in immediate disqualification. (Fun Fact: Anything 18+ themed
in an all-ages show typically results in all sound being cut by the crew at a pro show!)

3) We request that each contestant please come to the Judge’s table at the end of the Final Round in order to claim their USB sticks. If you do not, we will not be able to meet you afterwards and will give any remaining USB sticks we have in our possession to the convention’s Lost & Found.

4) All decisions made by the Judges are final and non-negotiable. (Fun Fact: Respect your judges!)

5) Trophies and any other prizing is provided by the convention itself, so please take a moment to thank them for their generous support of this Idol contest and for giving us all a safe, supportive space to perform at San Japan 2018!

To pre-register yourself for San Japan Idol 2018, please visit this form:

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