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Japanese Arcade

San Japan is partnering with Snow Phoenix and Game Saru this year to ensure that we bring Japanese arcade cabinets to our convention attendees. Below are the arcade games expected to be at San Japan XI. All games will be free of charge to play as long as you have a valid 2018 convention badge.

Here is a sampling of what is planned to be at San Japan.

Initial D8 ∞ x4 (maybe 2 more)
djMAX Technika SOLO
Music GunGun
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: All Star Carnival
Project DIVA: Future Tone
House of the Dead EX
Silent Scope: Bone Eater
Gunslinger Stratos x2
BishiBashi Channel
Dance Evolution
Pump it Up Prime 2
Sound Voltex 4
Groove Coaster x2
pop’n music LCD
pop’n music Sunny
Nostalgia (keyboardmania)
BeatStream x2
CrossBeats Rev
Reflec Beat x2
Jubeat x2
Magician’s Dead x2
In The Groove
DDR 2014
DDR Extreme x3
Dancemaniax 2


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