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Unofficial Photoshoot / Gatherings


Group Type / FandomWhich DayAM or PMFacebook Event Link
Gravity FallsSaturday 09/01/
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureSaturday 09/01/
Legend of KorraSaturday 09/01/
MarvelSaturday 09/01/
My Hero AcademiaSaturday 09/01/
My Hero AcademiaSunday 09/02/
NarutoSaturday 09/01/
Sailor MoonSaturday 09/01/
Shaman KingFriday 08/31/
Star vs The Forces of EvilFriday 08/31/
Street FighterSaturday 09/01/
Group Type / FandomWhich DayAM or PMFacebook Event Link

This form is not for general meetups by photographers as entries must be for a theme or series. All photo shoots/gatherings listed must be free to all San Japan attendees. This form is not for private photo shoots or services. Only valid submissions will be listed in Guidebook. They are not guaranteed to be printed in the print publications. We will not be listing the photoshoots in the official schedule. We will not list any photo shoots that are not submitted.

Submissions for Photoshoots will open on April 25th, 2018. To signup to a photoshoot please click on the event link. San Japan staff does not have any responsibility or knowledge on changes in time, location or date change. All questions must be made in the Facebook Event page setup by the attendee who is organizing the photoshoot.

Attendees will need to click on the EVENT LINK for the exact time and location. Since the people organizing it regularly make changes to the photoshoot we will not be listing the times or location on this page.

Photoshoot Submission Form

San Japan XI (2018): Photoshoot Form

  • Your name.
  • What is this meeting / photoshoot for?

    Ex. Naruto, Final Fantasy, Legend of Korra.
  • Which Day of the convention will it take place.
  • :
    When does this start?
  • Where in the convention area are you meeting? Here are the VENUE LAYOUTS:

    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. View the layouts. San Japan will be in Hall 3, 4, Room 205-218.

    San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel. San Japan will be utilizing the 3rd and 4th floor.

    Marriott Riverwalk Hotel. San Japan will be in the Alamo Ballroom.

    Click here to see all layouts for San Japan 2018.
  • You must link to a Facebook event page so the people attending this photoshoot or meeting can converse. This will also allow you to post any changes to those participating if the times or location of the photoshoot changes.

    Paid photoshoot submissions will be deleted and you may be banned from the website.
    The Event Link must be viewable to the public or the listing will be removed from the list.
    All links are verified upon submission to verify that it is valid.
    You may (but not promised) be notified if your entry was deleted.
    The Facebook Event must be to an actual Facebook Public Event Page, DO NOT link to a Facebook Group, to a Facebook Post or a PRIVATE Photoshoot. We will not accept them.


San Japan XI (2018) Convention Map

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