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2018 Art Contest Entries

Below are our 2018 Art Contest Entries. Thank you very much to all of the entries we received this year as we had a lot of great entries. We had 75 entries this year. The 2018 theme was “Magical Universe”.
The winners of our 2018 T-Shirt contest are Squidyjen and Lito (eleyeteaoh).
The winners of our 2018 Mega Art Contest are Azure and PastelMonstaa.
The finalists were Awato, Chow, Graydust, James V., Nat Rodgers, Novekai, Ofskysociety, Pedro Blaze, Polararts, Radiuszero, Sketchkun, Sushiyama Art, The Pixel Buster, Tori S., Usagi Wasabi, and VVednesdays.

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