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San Japan 009 Coverage (2016)
TWCNews.com – San Japan Unites Local Japanese Culture, Anime Community [Video]
SACurrent.com – A Look at the Diverse Fans and Unique Subcultures that Make Up San Japan 009 [Article]
SACurrent.com – The Best Cosplay We Saw at San Japan 009 [Gallery]
therivardreport.com – San Japan 009 Takes Over Expanded Convention Center [Article]
Stylelushtv.com – SAN JAPAN 009-A KAWAII LOVER’S DREAM!! [Article/Review]
MySA.com – Gotta catch ’em all: San Japan brings in fans of all ages [Article]
MySA.com – San Japan animates Labor Day weekend with all sorts of fun [Article]
MySA.com – Photos: Fans go for cosplay gold at annual San Japan [Gallery]
thegamingbuddha.com – San Japan 009 Review [Review]
nowcastsa.com – San Japan 009 catches Pokémon Go [Article]
circuit42.com – San Japan 2016 Convention Report [Article]
vodkaphotos.com – Post San Japan 2016 [Gallery]
filmshooter.us – San Japan 2016 Galleries [Gallery]
Geeks5ever – SAN JAPAN 2016 GEEKS 5 EVER RECAP [Video/Podcast]
eduardosoliz.com– 62 Things I Noticed at San Japan 009
ConTalk – Con Talk 56: San Japan 009 Post-Game [Video/Podcast]
thecasualgeekery.com – GUEST POST: SAN JAPAN 2016 PART 1 [Review]
thecasualgeekery.com – GUEST POST: SAN JAPAN 2016 PART 2 [Review]

San Japan: 8-Bit Coverage (2015)
TWCNews.com – A Closer Look at San-Japan [Video]
AnimeCons.com – AnimeCons TV – San Japan 2015 [Video/Review]
SACurrent.com – The Cosplayers Are Coming: San Japan Convention Brings Out Anime Fans [Article]
SACurrent.com – 10 Reasons To Go Get Excited About San Japan: 8-Bit [Article]
SACurrent.com – Things I Learned As A San Japan Newbie [Article]
SACurrent.com – 39 Photos From Friday At San Japan: 8-Bit [Gallery]
SACurrent.com – 67 Photos From Saturday At San Japan: 8-Bit [Gallery]
MySA.com – San Japan animates downtown [Article]
Toonami: Pre-Flight – Episode 27 [Video]
TheGamingBuddha.com – Cosplays of San Japan 8-bit [Gallery]
TheGamingBuddha.com – San Japan 8-bit review part 2: The Convention [Article/Review]
Creativesocialite.com – San Japan: In The World of Anime – San Antonio’s Anime Convention [Article/Gallery]
NerdingInstinct.com – NI Episode 34- The Con(vention) Job [Podcast]
NerdingInstinct.com – NI Episode 35- San Japan 8-Bit Reloaded [Podcast]
Mayor Fuglycool Productions – San Japan 8 Bit Mayor’s Review [Video/Review]
Eduardo Soliz – Con Talk 43: San Japan 8-Bit Post-Game [Video/Review]
Eduardo Soliz – 64 Things I Noticed During San Japan 8-Bit [Article]
Mesquite-news.com – Slideshow/Video: San Japan 8 [Gallery/Video]
StrangeRhythms.net – San Japan 8Bit [Gallery]
GeekSushi.com – COSPLAY AT SAN JAPAN 2015 [Gallery/Video]
GeekSushi.com – GAME ON AT SAN JAPAN! [Article]
GeeksOfDoom.com – Con Report: San Japan 8-Bit | San Antonio, TX [Article/Review]
DTJAAAAM.com – San Japan 8 – Galleries [Gallery]
The Buzz Magazines – Japan, San Antonio Style [Article/Video]
StyleLushTV – StyleTrips Ep. 3 / Stef Attends SAN JAPAN Pt. 1!! [Video/Article]
StyleLushTV – STYLE TRIPS EP.3 Part 2 !! [Video/Article]
MineralBlu.com – Mineralblu Photography San Japan San Antonio Cosplay Photoshoot Coverage [Gallery]
MineralBlu.com – Mineralblu Photography Video Coverage: San Japan 2015 Convention Cosplay and more! [Gallery]
TheRivardReport.com – San Japan: Big Business for San Antonio [Article]
MySA.com – mySpy: Locals come out for San Japan [Gallery #1]
MySA.com – Power Rangers, Sailor Moons, wander Convention Center for San Japan [Gallery #2]
Sephihakubi.com – A Game Never Really Over: San Japan 8-Bit [Article/Photos]
xomia.com – San Japan 8-Bit [Review]
OtakuArtLife.com – San Japan 2015 [Article/Gallery]
FallingFeathers – San Japan 2015 Cosplay Contest [Gallery]
Filmshooter.us – San Japan 8-Bit Friday [Gallery]
Filmshooter.us – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 1 [Gallery]
Filmshooter.us – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 2 [Gallery]
Filmshooter.us – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 3 [Gallery]
Filmshooter.us – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 4 [Gallery]
AfterMidnight Productions – San Japan Photos! [Gallery]
Nephrus.net – Cosplay photos from San Japan 8-Bit [Gallery]
jennifercoteblog.com – San Japan 2015 [Review/Gallery]
lulavida.com – Texas Anime Cons: A-Kon & San Japan [Review/Gallery]
Cosplay Amino – San Japan 8 Bit [Gallery]

San Japan: Samurai 7 Coverage (2014)
univision.com – San Japan, una forma de festejar la animación japonesa [VIDEO [SPANISH]]
sacurrent.com – San Japan: Samurai 7 puts anime culture center stage [Article]
geekspeak.mysanantonio.com – San Japan anime convention livens up downtown San Antonio [Article/Gallery]
mySA.com – mySpy: San Japan 2014 [Gallery]
mySA.com – San Japan: Day 1 [Gallery]
mySA.com – San Japan: Day 2 [Gallery]
mySA.com – San Japan: Samurai 7 San Antonio 2014 [Gallery]
mySA.com – mySpy: Last day of San Japan Samurai 7 2014 [Gallery]
anifile.com – Con Report: San Japanderful Times [Article/Review/Gallery]
geeksofdoom.com – Con Report: San Japan: Samurai 7 [Article/Review/Gallery]
thegamingbuddha.com – San Japan 7 Review [Article/Review]
therivardreport.com – San Japan: Samurai 7 Floods Downtown [Article]
thestormycorner.com – SJ7 Review: Samurai 7 [Article/Review]
otakuartlife.com – San Japan 7!! [Review/Gallery]
filmshooter.us – San Japan 7 – Friday [Gallery]
filmshooter.us – San Japan 7 – Saturday [Gallery]
filmshooter.us – San Japan 7 – Sunday [Gallery]
210teenlibrary.com – San Japan 2014 for Landa library [Article/Gallery]
loyalkng.com – San Japan 2014 Coverage Visiting all The EXTREME Cosplayers Part 1 [Gallery]
loyalkng.com – San Japan’s 2014 Rounds of Cosplayers Part 2 [Gallery]
pixcelation.com – The Diverse Cosplayers of San Japan: Samurai 7 [Article/Gallery]
blogs.sacurrent.com – On-the-Ground Report from an Anime Nerd at San Japan 7 [Article/Review/Gallery]
examiner.com – San Japan 2014 [Gallery]
examiner.com – Anime, Gaming, Cosplay and more at San Japan 2014 [Article]
thenerdinginstinct.com – NI Episode 23- San Japan Undead Podcast [Podcast]
orginal-gamer.com – Post-San Japan show [Podcast]
youtube.com – Con Talk 30 : San Japan Samurai 7 [Podcast Video Review]
youtube.com – San Japan 7 Mayor’s Review [Video Review]
youtube.com – CosPod Episode 68 [Video Review]

San Japan: Sinister 6 Coverage (2013)
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Article] – Sinister setting for Anime [Article]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – The Downtown Blog] – Costumed masses invade downtown as San Japan: Sinister 6 begins [Article]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – The Downtown Blog] – San Japan hopes to draw 10,000 [Article]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Gallery] – San Japan Sinister 6 (Day 1) [Photo Gallery]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Gallery] – San Japan Sinister 6 (Day 2) [Photo Gallery]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – mySPY] – mySpy: San Japan: Sinister 6 cosplay [Photo Gallery]
sacurrent.com – This Weekend, Get Your Cosplay on at San Japan: Sinister 6 [Article]
sacurrent.com – The 27 Best Cosplayers at San Japan Sinister 6 [Photo Gallery]
WOAI.com – San Japan:Sinister 6 [Photo Gallery]
examiner.com – San Japan success in San Antonio [Article/Review]
japanator.com – Hot cosplay under the Texas sun [Article/Gallery]
nerdcaliber.com – San Japan 2013 – Convention Review [Article/Review]
nerdcaliber.com – San Japan 2013 Masquerade Photos [Photo Gallery]
original-gamer.com – San Japan 6 recap [Podcast]
therivardreport.com – San Japan Aug. 16-18, 2013 [Video]
nephrus.net – San Japan Sinister 6 [Article]
thelegendoflorie.com – San Japan 2013: Anime, Video games, and Geek Culture [Article]
youtube.com – Con Talk 19-San Japan 6 Post-Game [Podcast/Review]
theprospectordaily.com – San Japan convention passes 11,000 [Article]

San Japan: Mach 5 Coverage (2012)
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Article] – Cosplayers celebrate anime in S.A. [Article]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Article] – Get your anime on at San Japan [Article]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – Geek Speak] – A few more San Japan 5 cosplayers, plus some artists and vendor wares of note [Blog/Photos]
mysanantonio.com [San Antonio Express News – mySpy] – mySpy: Were you seen at San Japan? [Photo Gallery]
woai.com – Creative Costumes on Display at Cosplay Convention [Article]
nephrus.net – San Japan: Mach 5 [Article/Review]
nerdcaliber.com – San Japan 2012 – Angelwing’s Report And Picture Gallery [Article/Photo Gallery]
lowrie.com – San Japan in San Antonio: The Riverwalk, The Alamo and thousands of cosplayers! [Article/Review]
original-gamer.com – San Japan Mach 5 – Chris’ Report [Article/Review]
original-gamer.com – San Japan Mach 5 – Mike’s Report [Article/Review]
original-gamer.com – San Japan Mach 5 – Eduardo’s Report [Article]
original-gamer.com – A wrap-up of San Japan [Podcast]
original-gamer.com – Top 5 reasons why you should be going to San Japan Mach 5 [Video]
randomizer9.com – Con Talk 10 – San Japan Mach 5 Post-Game [Podcast/Video]
Budgetninja – All Japan at San Japan in San Antonio [Article/Photos]
silent-white.com – San Japan [Article/Photos]
San Japan 4TW Press Coverage (2011)
mySA.com [Geek Speak] – San Japan 4TW: Cosplayers FTW
mySA.com [The Downtown Blog] – San Japan 4TW was a costume cornucopia
mySA.com [The Downtown Blog] – The kids and their costumes come out for San Japan
mySA.com – San Japan gears up
mySA.com – San Japan booms with anime, colorful costumes
momsbasement.org – San Japan Fashion Review
deadend-detour.com – Con Report: San Japan 4TW
nephrus.net – San Japan 4TW [Convention Report]
animenewsnetwork.com – Nabeshin to Attend San Japan Anime Con in Texas
jpopasia.com – “San Japan” Anime Con To Have “Nabeshin” As Honored Guest
examiner.com – San Japan 4TW Event
San Japan 1.5 / 2.x / :3 Press Coverage (2008-2010)
mySA.com – A decidedly animated convention crowd
– This year, San Japan gets even cooler
– Under The Influence
original-gamer.com – Original Gamer Podcast Level 48 – Talking Anime Cons with San Japan Chairman Dave Henkin
original-gamer.com – San Japan :3 – Mike’s Report
original-gamer.com – San Japan :3 – Chris’s Report
jame-world.com KESHIKI Debut at San Japan (Interview)
Polish Athena – San Japan 2010: The Good, The Bad, The Awsomesauce
podomatic.com – Episode 19 – Stories From San Japan 3
JaME-World.com – KESHIKI To Perform At San Japan
ocremix.org – San Japan 2.x Review
Animecons.com – San Japan 2008 convention report
8Bitfix.com – It’s a Gamesta’s Paradise: San Japan, Anime Conventions, and the Perils of Fandom
Animecons.com – San Japan 1.5 Final Round Of Guests Announced
Anime News Network – Second Round of Guests Announced
Animecons.com – Smile.dk to appear at San Japan


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