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Registration: Info & Prices

On-Site / At-Door Registration Prices are at the bottom of this page.

Purchase Info
You may purchase your badge now with most major credit cards. San Japan no longer accepts mail-in checks for pre-registration. Military Discount can not be applied to Pre-Registration or any On-Line registration as they will be applied in person.

There is NO Pre-Registration for child registration. Child Registration are sold at the convention only. (Why?)
Gold Pass

Gold Passes will be $165 with 160 passes available. Available on April 15th, 2016 @ 9PM CST. UPDATE: Gold Passes sold out in less than ONE HOUR in 2016!
Click HERE to see what Is A Gold Pass is.

Other Info

In-Store Registration
Nine-Tails will be begin accepting San Japan pre-registration starting on Jan. 7th, 2016. Nine-Tails DOES charge sales tax for all credit card transactions which is 8.25%. A $2.75 service fee will also be applied to each badge/pass purchase just like with on-line pre-registration.
Group Discount
The group discount rate has changed for 2016.

All badges must be purchased at the same time. The discount is applied at checkout. The group discount will only apply to pre-registration passes. After July 17th, 2016 the group discount will no longer apply on-line or in person.


Ages 13 & UP (Including Parents / Guardians) Child (Age 6-12) Child (Age 0-5)
3-Day Weekend Pass/Badge $65 $20 FREE
Friday Only 1-Day Badge $45 3-Day Child Rate ONLY FREE
Saturday Only 1-Day Badge $45 3-Day Child Rate ONLY FREE
Sunday Only 1-Day Badge $30 3-Day Child Rate ONLY FREE
Available Online July 20th, 2016 OR At The Convention Only Available at the Convention Only Available at the Convention

1-Day and regular 3-Day passes will be available online starting on July 20th, 2016. Ends on September 4th at 2pm. On-line registration will have a service fee. On-site registration will not have a fee. Child passes are only sold at the convention. People who pre-register or purchase passes for 13 & up attendees will not be required to go back in line to purchase a child passes. We do not sell 2-day passes.


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The San Japan website should be fully updated by 11/30/16 AT 11:30PM CST. Hotel reservation links will be posted when they're ready (TO BE DETERMINED). The website is still currently being updated for the 2017 event.