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San Japan: 8-Bit (2015) Press Galleries – 39 Photos From Friday At San Japan: 8-Bit [Gallery] – 67 Photos From Saturday At San Japan: 8-Bit [Gallery] – mySpy: Locals come out for San Japan [Gallery #1] – Power Rangers, Sailor Moons, wander Convention Center for San Japan [Gallery #2]
FallingFeathers – San Japan 2015 Cosplay Contest [Gallery] – San Japan 8-Bit Friday [Gallery] – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 1 [Gallery] – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 2 [Gallery] – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 3 [Gallery] – San Japan 8-Bit Saturday – Set 4 [Gallery] – Cosplay photos from San Japan 8-Bit [Gallery] – Mineralblu Photography San Japan San Antonio Cosplay Photoshoot Coverage [Gallery] – San Japan 8 – Galleries [Gallery] – Photos: San Japan con in San Antonio [Gallery] – Photos: 2015 San Japan [Gallery] – Cosplays of San Japan 8-bit [Gallery]
M3 Photography – San Japan 8 Photos [Gallery]
San Japan: 8-Bit (2015) Public Facebook Galleries
San Japan Official Page Photo Galleries – PRO Photography Friday-Sunday, Formal Masquerade Dance, Guidebook Uploaded Photos
San Japan Facebook Cosplay Group – Uploaded Photo Albums
San Japan Facebook Official Group – Uploaded Photo Albums
8Bitx Facebook Albums – Uploaded Photo Albums (Concerts)
Vodka Photos Albums – Uploaded Photos (Cosplay/Events)
Filmshooter – Uploaded Photos (Cosplay)
Photographer-kun – Uploaded Photos (Cosplay/Events)
Koisplay Photography – Uploaded Photos (Cosplay)
Milky Kitty – Cosplay Photos
Stryfe The Warrior Cosplay
– Cosplay Photos
San Japan: Samurai 7 (2014) Press Galleries

San Japan: Samurai 7 Public Facebook Galleries

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The San Japan website should be fully updated by 11/30/16 AT 11:30PM CST with most of the 2017 convention information. Hotel reservation links will be posted when they're ready (To Be Determined). 2017 registration is now open.