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Event Tickets – Info & Policy

To answer a very frequently asked question the Final Fantasy Concert tickets are free but require a valid 2017 San Japan Convention Badge in order to obtain one. Only one ticket will be issued per person. The time and day is listed just below.   Here is a map of the convention to figure out where BRIDGE HALL is located within the convention.

In order to best seat everyone efficiently, we are adding a ticket system for three events. For 2017 we are putting in a very strict one badge/one person, per ticket, per pickup. We are not allowing attendees to pickup tickets for a friend or family member. All attendees must be in person to pick up their ticket.
General rules

  • Tickets for each event will be available at during the day of the event listed in the schedule. The tickets will be distributed starting at (FORMAL MASQUERADE DANCE: FRIDAY 9/1 3:00PM, COSPLAY SHOW: SATURDAY 9/2 5:00PM, FINAL FANTASY CONCERT: SATURDAY 9/2 11:00AM) or when all tickets have been issued which ever comes first.
  • Tickets for the Cosplay Show and the Final Fantasy Concert are FREE for anyone with a valid San Japan convention badge.
  • The ticket location will be BRIDGE HALL, HBG CONVENTION CENTER
  • Tickets for the Cosplay Show will have a ticket for each different level of the Lila Cockrell Theatre.
  • Seats in each section will be First Come/First Serve. There will be a maximum of 2000 tickets TOTAL will be issued for the Cosplay Show.
  • One ticket is issued per person per event.
  • San Japan is not responsible for lost/misplaced tickets.
  • GOLD PASS attendees will receive events tickets for all events when they pick up their badges at Info Desk.

Cosplay Show:

Final Fantasy Concert:

Formal Masquerade:


convention Map

San Japan 2017 Map – Click To Expand

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