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San Japan X / 2017 Schedule

Click Here for the San Japan X (2017) Final Schedule [PDF]. The PDF lists all 3+ days of programming and Fan Meetings.
Here are the details/panel descriptions about the panels at San Japan X (2017).

Yes, we will have a San Japan 2017 Guidebook this year.

The 2017 Guidebook will be posted by August 25th, 2017. We are still working on it.
Click Here for our Policies on 18+ Panels.
Click Here for our Guest Autograph Policies.
To answer the frequent question about “Event Ticket Required” like the Final Fantasy Concert and Cosplay Show
, Click Here On Event Tickets.

Click Here for the Convention Times and Maps/Layout

Click Here For Onsite Registration Very Frequently Asked Questions + Pickup.

This answers the most frequently asked questiona about picking up your badge including Thursday 8/31 pickup.

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