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San Japan Lolita Tea Party Info

Teddy Parade Tea Party
Please join us as San Japan welcomes Japanese fashion brand Innocent World to San Antonio for an elegant affair. A light meal, tea, and desserts will be served at this event. Tea party attendees are also guaranteed a special gift from Innocent World. Our guest of honor, Yumi Fujiwara, will also be in attendance so will be a great opportunity to make special memories at this intimate event.

Tickets are $50+fees for a single tea party ticket and seat.

Tea Party Dress Code – for those attending:

Please note that Japanese fashion is a requirement for this event. One piece of your outfit must be made up of Innocent World merchandise in order to attend. This could be something as large as a main piece or as small as socks, jewelry, or other accessories. We would love to wow our guest of honor with beautiful coordinates of her intricately designed pieces!

This is a formal tea party, Lolita or black tie formal dress is required. “Masculine” Lolita styles are welcome (such as Ouji, Boystyle, Aristocrat, and Kodona). Quality off-brand, indie-brand, and handmade clothing is welcome!
Cosplay outfits, replica dresses of Lolita prints, and outfits that do not fit the Lolita aesthetic will not be allowed entry. Items that are “Lolita inspired” are considered cosplay and will not be allowed entry as well. Guests that do not meet the dress code will not be allowed entry to the tea party at the discretion of the organizers. Please see the guidelines below for an elaboration on what is and is not considered acceptable.
If any guests are unsure about their planned outfit, please feel free to approach the SATX Lolitas Facebook Group with questions.

Examples of Acceptable Dress:

High Quality cotton or broadcloth are generally acceptable. High quality handmade garments are also acceptable. Attire should generally be on the modest side (i.e. covered shoulders, socks and tights, longer cut of skirts, etc.)

scans from Gothic Lolita Bible and Kera

Examples of Unacceptable Dress:

Costume quality satin, costume quality velvet (e.g. crushed velvet), shiny fabrics in general, lycra.
No maid costumes, no seifuku/school uniforms, no lolita cosplay, no yukatas, no alice cosplay or Mana cosplay.
Examples of clothing/costumes often mislabeled as Lolita that are not acceptable:

Photos taken from Ebay
San Japan Lolita Tea Registration
All tickets for the Lolita Tea Party are all sold. We will not be selling any at San Japan.


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