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Unofficial Photoshoot / Gatherings


Group Type / Fandom Which Day AM or PM? Public Facebook Event Link (REQUIRED)
Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
One Piece Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Persona 5 Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Love Live! School Idol Project Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Fire Emblem Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
DC/MARVEL Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Miraculous Ladybug Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Tokusatsu (Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Ultraman) Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Hetalia Sunday 09/03/17 PM facebook.com
Voltron: Legendary Defender Saturday 09/02/17 AM facebook.com
Final Fantasy (ALL GAMES) Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Sailor Moon Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Kingdom Hearts Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Naruto Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Final Fantasy Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Boku No Hero Academia Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Inuyasha Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Homestuck Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Yuri on Ice!!! Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
League of Legends Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Touhou Project Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com
Tales Of Saturday 09/02/17 AM facebook.com
RWBY Friday 09/01/17 PM facebook.com
Overwatch Saturday 09/02/17 PM facebook.com

This form is not for general meetups by photographers as entries must be for a theme or series. All photo shoots/gatherings listed must be free to all San Japan attendees. This form is not for private photo shoots or services. Only valid submissions will be listed in Guidebook. They are not guaranteed to be printed in the print publications. We will not be listing the photoshoots in the official schedule. We will not list any photo shoots that are not submitted.

Submissions for Photoshoots will open on Feburary 1st, 2017. To signup to a photoshoot please click on the event link. San Japan staff does not have any responsibility or knowledge on changes in time, location or date change. All questions must be made in the Facebook Event page setup by the attendee who is organizing the photoshoot.

Attendees will need to click on the EVENT LINK for the exact time and location. Since the people organizing it regularly make changes to the photoshoot we will not be listing the times or location on this page.

Submissions will close on August 25th, 2017. We are not taking any last minute submissions beyond the cut off date.


San Japan X – 2017 Map

Photoshoot Submission Form

Photoshoot submissions for the 2017 convention is now closed. All photoshoots will need to be posted on the San Japan Cosplay Group but they will not be listed in Guidebook

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